BSG: Blood and Chrome demoted to web series

Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome demoted to series of webisodes.

Well despite high hopes over the past few years that SyFy would eventually produce another high quality BSG series, it looks as if their latest effort “Blood and Chrome” will be reduced to a web only series. Set during the time of the first colonial/cylon war Blood and Chrome features a young William Adama long before he was commander of the Galactica.

According to an article which appeared a few months ago on i9,  the network’s EVP Mark Stern said that:

A decision on Blood and Chrome’s release date was not imminent, and it was still a possibility that they would air it as a TV movie/backdoor pilot. But they’re seriously considering transforming it back into a series of webisodes.

Wow. You’ve probably heard this before but you know its the truth. SyFy produced and aired “Mega Python vs Gateroid” but cannot commit to airing a follow up to one of the most acclaimed original series of all time. That’s incredibly lame.

Since the publishing of the io9 article it seems that SyFy has also removed Blood and Chrome from the list of shows displayed on their website; which is not a good omen for the future of the project.

It’s a pretty sad statement when the name of your network is “SyFy” but all the good science fiction programming seems to come from FOX.

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