Damnation Alley capitalizes on cold war era fears of global nuclear war and features both Jan-Michael Vincent (Air Wolf) and George Peppard (The A-team).

Despite the fact that both of these actors were big in 80’s TV action shows, this movie isn’t as awesome as Air wolf or the A-team. But you know I can’t resist an awesomely bad science fiction movie. I haven’t seen this one in a few years so I thought it was about time to suffer though “Damnation Alley” and reflect upon its urgent warning one more time.

Air Force Major Eugene Denton (Peppard) and officer Tanner(Vincent) of the 123rd Strategic missile wing are the main characters but it is difficult to call them protagonists because The duo’s first act in the film is to launch a retaliatory nuclear missile strike. That’s right, the main characters are the same guys who helped to destroy the world. Way to go guys. They immediately attempt to conceal their role in Armageddon by claiming they were only trying to intercept incoming missiles.

The Air Force base of the 123rd survives the nuclear attack and the soldiers spend their days riding dirt-bikes across the California desert and getting drunk on Old number 7. But the compound is ultimately destroyed in a careless accident involving cigarettes and pornography. So, the survivors journey across the country in some kind of APC (armored personnel carrier for those of you who don’t watch the Military Channel) called the Landmaster in search of a survivors’ colony on the other side of the country.

Apparently Albany, New York Is immune to nuclear strike even though Boston, Massachusetts and Trenton, New Jersey are vaporized in the attack. Funny, I would have thought that a direct attack on either of these cities would have a profound effect on Albany. and Along the way they face such obstacles as giant scorpions and mutant cockroaches.

I was talking to johnny Daggers today about this awesome movie. We got onto the subject of the improvised props. At one point in the film Denton (Peppard) and Tanner(Vincent) are riding along in one of the land-master vehicles. Denton decides to let let Tanner have a turn driving the vehicle and enters some information into the navigation computer.

While we wouldn’t think anything of entering a destination into a GPS today, this was clearly science fiction back in 1977. What’s funny about the scene is that the navigation computer was nothing more than a Texas Instruments desktop calculator. Specifically it appears to me a model TI-5100. They didn’t even bother to integrate the device into the set or to obscure its true identity.

Maybe Damnation Alley is ripe for a big budget remake. After all, the basic premise is sound. Who doesn’t love a good post apocalyptic adventure film?

There is a new trailer out for the scifi film Skyline. The basic premise is that NASA sent a message deep into space, where aliens live.

And boy, did they get the message: Delicious humans still available on Earth? Yum! I don’t actually know that the aliens in this film eat people but really, what else are we good for?

Seen in the trailer are many large alien spacecraft sucking up little defenseless humans by the thousands like a cosmic vacuum cleaner. The fictional news reports used in the film repeat that Stephen Hawking warned us something like this could happen so maybe we should just leave aliens alone ok? By the way, did you know Stephen Hawking refuses to upgrade his electronic speaking voice even though newer more natural sounding speech synthesis is available? He says the ‘primitive’ electronic voice is how people have come to know him. Its a recognizable trait that people associate with him. Anyway, When Stephen Hawking says aliens are dangerous, you listen!

I was just thinking about why hostile aliens might come to our little planet. One reason that one of my friends my only friend suggested was resources. yeah sounds plausible but then again, if you could sustain a huge population aboard spacecraft capable of crossing the seemingly endless expanse of deep space, you’ve probably got resource management all figured out.

More likely that the entire universe views humans either as vermin and will undertake great pains to exterminate us at the fist sign of infestation; or alternately, the entire universe views us as a tasty delicacy and would cross oceans of space to snack on humans.

Now go watch the trailer before the aliens come to eat us all!

Do you Remember Keanu Reeves in the movie Johnny Mnemonic (1995)? It was a low budget adaptation of a short story by William Gibson.

LifeForce is an awesomely bad sci-fi film from 1985. It's based on the 1976 book Space Vampires by Colin Wilson. I’ve never read it, but I can only hope its better than this movie.

Peter Strauss and Molly Ringwald in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983). This was probably the very first time I watched a 3D movie in the theater. That’s right, I said 3D. The good old blue and red stereoscopic 3D glasses; The kind that came with comic books.

I know Spacehunter looks lame … and it is, but trust me, its worth a Sunday afternoon if you don’t have anything else to do. It’s got Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson,and Michael Ironside! I mean come on; how bad can it possibly be with Ernie Hudson and Michael Ironside?

Three women are forced to make an emergency landing on a planet plagued with a fatal disease. They are quickly captured by the mutant dictator, Overdog (Ironside). An adventurer known only as Wolff (Strauss) travels to the forsaken world to rescue the trio and encounters Niki (Ringwald), the only earthling left from a failed medical expedition.

Wolf being a perfect gentleman, takes a moment and attends to Niki's personal hygiene. I guess the girl just smelled really bad. After forcing her to bathe in a muddy pond the two combine their talents. Together, Wolff and Niki attempt to rescue the three surviving women from the clutches of the evil Overdog (Ironside).