Star Trek Discovery, a CBS All Access original series

Perhaps I will never see another episode of Star Trek Discovery. That’s rather unfortunate. After waiting years for a new Star Trek TV Series, I’ll never know how Discovery develops beyond its pilot episode.Star Trek Discovery might be worth a watch, too bad its only available on CBS all Access I’ve been a Star Trek … Read more

Alien Covenant, featuring Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender

Alien Covenant was such a disappointment. I’m not sure Ridley Scott actually wants to make a successful Alien movie. He should have allowed Neill Blomkamp to make a sequel to the 1986 James Cameron film “Aliens”. As much as I love the Alien film franchise, Alien Covenant couldn’t even get me to the theater. The … Read more

What Happened to Monday, featuring Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace stars in “What Happened To Monday”, a Netflix original movie set in a dystopian future where over-population threatens the continued existence of the human race. The effects of global over-population push the human race to the brink of starvation. Western civilization has collapsed but Britain soldiers on. In a final attempt to save … Read more

Black Mirror, a Netflix original series.

Black Mirror is a Netflix original anthology series. Each delightfully dark short story is an uneasy reflection of our relationship with modern technology. Many of the tales explore the consequences of the basest human desires, enabled by said technology and the omni-presence of social media. I discovered Black Mirror on Netflix quite accidentally. Biscuits was … Read more

Kill Command, featuring Vanessa Kirby

Kill Command is a 2016 sci-fi/action movie set in a not-so-distant future, in which a squad of soldiers face off against autonomous war machines. Their routine training-mission goes awry when a tech industry’s latest battle platform becomes self-aware. Kill Command raises questions about Autonomous warfare. In the film, Harbinger Robotics is a giant industrial technology … Read more

Children of Men, featuring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore

Clive Owen in Children Of Men (2006 Movie), based on a novel by P. D. James and set during the year 2027, in a quasi-apocalyptic world where the human race has become infertile. It has been over eighteen years since the last baby was born. Without hope for the future the world has fallen into … Read more

Intruders, a BBC America original mini series

Intruders is a BBC America mini series from the writer and executive producer of The X-Files that reveals the existence of a secretive cult, whose members seek immortality by taking over the bodies of others. The series originally aired late in the summer of 2014. I think it was in august. You can check the … Read more

Monsters, featuring Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy

Don’t you hate it when your boss calls … and you know the only reason he’s calling is to assign you extra work? Scoot McNairy knows exactly how you feel in the 2010 Gareth Edwards film “Monsters”. After seeing Rogue One and deciding that Gareth Edwards must have some idea about what hes doing; Biscuits … Read more

Underworld: Blood Wars, with Kate Beckinsale

Even though Underworld: Blood Wars met all of our exceedingly low expectations, the latest installment isn’t a very good movie; even when measured against the low bar of previous Underworld films. This isn’t a full review and I highly doubt I’ll dedicate the time to do one properly. But It’s worth a few moments to … Read more

Resident Evil: The final Chapter, featuring Milla Jovovich

I predicted that the final chapter of the Resident Evil franchise might be a thoughtless and fun action movie. Biscuits was not so optimistic. Despite those reservations, we took a chance and decided to head out to the theater. We both beleived that this movie couldn’t possibly be any worse than Underworld: Blood Wars. We … Read more