6B: Fringe 3.14

6B: Fringe 3.14

When party guests at an upscale apartment building fall seven stories to their death, Fringe division investigates a reported haunting. Walter quickly realizes the supernatural phenomena are actually the result of a “soft spot” forming in the fabric of space and time which separates the two universes.

A widow in a downstairs apartment (unit 6B) is seeing a ghostly apparition of her late husband. The man is not a ghost. Rather, he is the alternate universe version of her late husband and in his world it was he who lost his wife. They occupy the same space in the adjacent universes and their connection through mutual grief is causing the tear.

Walter realized the inevitable: cracks will begin to form in the very fabric of the universe opening vortexes which could devour half a city. In a brilliant tie in to the first season of the series, Walter turns to one of Fringe divisions very first cases, a terrorist attack on a bus where passengers were entombed in a mysterious resin. Both he and Olivia recognize the resemblance to the amber used in the alternate universe containment protocol. After some considerable debate Massive Dynamic readies the fist amber containment device in our universe.

I thought that bit was really clever. In the first season Fringe seemed to lack a clear direction. Connection the amber containment protocol to the “pattern” attack on the bus ties the entire series together. Before we knew the back story about the alternate universe It seemed kind of unlikely that every case was somehow related to research with which Walter had once been involved.

Oh and the love story between peter and Olivia? Dunham is finally able to let go of her anger and confusion and is last seen leading Peter up to his bedroom. Too bad things are about to get really confusing. We already know that Fauxlivia is pregnant with peter’s child. That’s going to severely complicate matters. it obvious that Walternate plans to use the pregnancy to draw peter back to the other side. The preview for next week’s episode also reveals that the attraction between peter and Olivia is no accident. The two share a childhood connection.

Comment Comment Comment! I’m not close to many other Fringe fans and I’d love to talk Fringe with other fans.

What  do you think will happen  when Peter learns about Fauxlivia’s pregnancy? More importantly, what do you think Olivia will do what she learns about Fauxlivia’s pregnancy? She’s had a really hard time dealing with peter’s feeling for her alternate universe doppelganger.