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Terra Nova season finale: Occupation and Resistance

What did you think of the Terra Nova finale? Sorry for the delay on this post but with the holidays and all I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not surprised they left a hook for possible time travel. But it might have been better if they had not. One of my ongoing complains about the series has been that the creative staff seems to ignore the prehistoric world around the colony. I’ve always said that the peculiarity of “the island” was a big part of my LOST experience. Terra Nova had an opportunity to capitalize on that sense of exploratory adventure that’s been missing from network television ever since well, LOST. I thought that having the entire conflict with (and occupation by) the Phoenix mercenary army take place while Jim was in a coma was kind of a rip off. That would have made for some good action sequences. Although, considering that this is Terra Nova we’re talking about; maybe it is for the better that these events are left to the imagination. I’m not expecting …


Terra Nova finally gets to the point, still not a replacement for LOST.

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 8: Vs. As Taylor searches for the “Sixer” mole within Terra Nova, Jim stumbles onto an old murder, for which Taylor is the prime suspect. IMDB It took long enough but the FOX series “Terra Nova” finally succeeded in breaking a plot arc. The mystery of “the equations” has been brewing from the very beginning of the series. Almost immediately viewers we teased with mysterious symbols found scrawled on rocks near a waterfall that Commander Taylor had ordered off limits to the Terra Nova Colonists.


“The Runaway” Terra Nova 1.04

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 4: The Runaway. Commander Taylor’s security force discovers a young girl outside the colony who has run away from the rogue encampment. As the Shannon family attempts to reintroduce the child to civilization her true motives come into question. Were you getting tired of bland episodic plots yet? I don’t know of may television series which held as much promise as Terra Nova and utterly failed to deliver. Thankfully the most recent episode of Terra Nova resumes the story of the renegade colonists who arrived on the sixth pilgrimage. The group splintered from the main colony and now represent a considerable threat. Terra Nova keeps teasing us with the back story of the sixers. Unfortunately the series has only provided vague hints about the politics of the future thus far. It appears someone back in the year 2149 has a problem with Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) and wants him gone. Taylor has long suspected the renegades were sent by some faction from the future to infiltrate the colony. Taylor has suggested several times that he’s not sure who back in 2149 he can trust. …


“What Remains” Terra Nova 1.03

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 3: What Remains. When a remote research outpost loses contact with the main colony, Commander Taylor assembles a party to investigate. Dr. Elizabeth Shannon discovers a virus that causes retrograde amnesia. Predictable memory loss scenarios play out. Dr. Shannon succumbs to the effects of the pathogen and loses all memories of Jim and their children. Wow. It seems like the creative writing team for Terra Nova have already lost their way. Rather than exploring the prehistoric world with all of its dangers, challenges, and mysteries they have already resorted to cliché character based episodic plots.  There comes a point in every series where the ongoing mythology takes a back seat to personal experience.  But for Terra Nova, that time has not yet come.


“Instinct” Terra Nova 1.02

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 2: Instinct. Oh for no! The colony is under attack by a massive migratory flock of Pterosaurs. Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor must find a way to protect the colony before they are completely over-run by prehistoric terror-pigeons. Big surprise, the hostile species is unknown to the science teams. Well ok, it’s not really surprising. Even today we are still discovering new species every day; both living and extinct. What is incredibly odd about this situation is that the Terra Nova engineers apparently gave no thought to attack by airborne predators. It doesn’t help that Terra Nova was built on the breeding ground of the migratory species. Personally, I would have taken this opportunity to start a KFP franchise… Kentucky Fried Pterosaur now that’s finger lickin’ good. Strangely the colonists seem intent on seafood even though Terra Nova appears to be a land-locked colony. Yes, there’s a river, waterfall, and shallow lagoon where I suppose they could find some fish. That’s no excuse to miss out on a plump proto-bird …