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“The Runaway” Terra Nova 1.04

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 4: The Runaway. Commander Taylor’s security force discovers a young girl outside the colony who has run away from the rogue encampment. As the Shannon family attempts to reintroduce the child to civilization her true motives come into question. Were you getting tired of bland episodic plots yet? I don’t know of may television series which held as much […]

“What Remains” Terra Nova 1.03

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 3: What Remains. When a remote research outpost loses contact with the main colony, Commander Taylor assembles a party to investigate. Dr. Elizabeth Shannon discovers a virus that causes retrograde amnesia. Predictable memory loss scenarios play out. Dr. Shannon succumbs to the effects of the pathogen and loses all memories […]

“Instinct” Terra Nova 1.02

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 2: Instinct. Oh for no! The colony is under attack by a massive migratory flock of Pterosaurs. Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor must find a way to protect the colony before they are completely over-run by prehistoric terror-pigeons. Big surprise, the hostile species is unknown to the science teams. Well […]