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“An Origin Story” Fringe 5.5

Fringe Season 5, Episode 5: An Origin Story. The resistance movement captures an Observer. Peter formulates a plan to destroy a time corridor used by the Observers while Olivia mourns for their daughter, Etta. These last episodes of Fringe are really intense. Who expected Etta to die after only four episodes?

“Novation” Fringe 4.05

Well, I guess I should thank Major League Baseball for being over. you may recall that this episode of fringe was actually scheduled to air last week but was preempted by the World Series. I imagine Texas thought they were witnessing a fringe event when St. Louis tied the series and forced game seven. Novation is probably one of the most interesting episodes of fringe so far in season four. Peter Bishop has returned but none of his fringe division colleagues remember him. In Walter’s recollection the alternate Peter drowned at Raven Lake during Walter’s attempt to retrieve him from the mirror universe. in the timeline that we are accustomed to the observer told Walter and Peter from the icy water; and act which the observer cites as interrupting the balance of the universe. The plot turns once again to the new breed of shape shifters who are intent on locating a scientist specializing in cell duplication. His research may help to stabilize the rapid deterioration of their organic tissue. William Bell new that such …

Fringe debuts on FOX, could be The next X-files

Fringe Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”. Special Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) investigates cases involving phenomena on the very edge of accepted science. Rather than the supernatural or paranormal, these cases explore “fringe sciences”. Agent Dunham is the best parts of both Mulder and Scully, able to embrace the unconventional but equally skeptical and unwilling to walk into the unknown … until it walks into her life. Dube, Did you watch “Fringe”? simply amazing. Thanks JJ Abrams. I needed a new show. The scene where the students knock on the door to Walter’s lab is classic. Freshmen students: Is this poly-sci 101? Agent Olivia Dunham : Not Remotely. Astrid: Who was it? Olivia: Freshmen.