Skynet is Self Aware

According to Sarah Connor, Skynet became self aware yesterday and will launch a nuclear strike against humanity tomorrow.

This specific date was actually prophesized in Termiator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in which Sarah Connor was played by Lena Headey. That series was terrible so I thought I show you a photo of the REAL Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

“Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” Fringe 3.19

The consciousness of William Bell still inhabits the body of agent Olivia Dunham. Despite Bell’s assurances that Olivia’s mind could safely contain both his being and Olivia’s own consciousness, It appears that Olivia is slipping away. Bell reports that in his research with rats, the host consciousness was eventually lost when the mind was occupied by a guest consciousness. Guest appearance by Leonard Nimoy as William Bell.

Walter and Bess search for a way to bring Olivia back but realize there is very little time. The only option is to go into Olivia’s mind. Because all human brains emit electrical energy, its a “simple” matter of tuning their own minds to Olivia’s frequency. Peter stumbles across the The obvious method for achieving the shared dream state: LSD.

Apparently, the “compounds” used in the movie Inception must by very similar to LSD because from this point on, Fringe becomes Inception, right down to the projections of Olivia’s subconscious eventually attacking the foreign presence in her mind. This experience was so similar to inception that I fully expected some mention of Mr. Cobb. Fringe did stumble across one rather obvious concept that wasn’t really relevant to the Plot of “Inception”.  In you own dreams, your subconscious often turns on you. Haven’t you ever had a bad dream?  Special note, it appears that Olivia’s subconscious has been militarized to some degree.

The only portion of this LSD inspired dream invasion I didn’t really care for was the fact that everybody eventually became a cartoon. I wouldn’t have minded that so much except the animated version of Olivia looked horrible. Seriously … I draw better than that.

We’re getting very close to the end of the season. I’m very pleased that Fringe was picked up for a full fourth season.


SGU – The Hunt

Have you been following Stargate Universe? The most recent episode titled “The Hunt”  had some pretty interesting sub plots running alongside the main  story. Granted the main story wasn’t very original. The crew of the ancient starship “Destiny” have confronted dangerous life forms while visiting a planet as a plot device at least three times.

There is finally some resolution for the remaining Lucian Alliance members aboard Desitiny When Varro offers to assist in rescuing Lt. Johansen who is trapped in the lair of a dangerous predatory animal which attacked the team’s planetside camp. I was beginning to wonder how long those people were going to be locked up especially since SGU has been hinting at a possible romance between Varro (Mike Dopud) and Johansen (Alaina Huffman).

What’s really interesting as a background story is the evolving dynamic among the scientists.  Rush has assumed to role of lead scientist and other members of the science team don’t always acknowledge his position as alpha male.

the unfortunate return of the Sarah Connor Chronicles

I really do enjoy the SyFy network. Some of my favorite TV series have aired on SyFy, most of them while the network was still known by the more conventional “Sci-Fi” moniker.

In addition to their original content  SyFy will also syndicate some of my favorite older shows such as the X-Files and various flavors of Star Trek.  Unfortunately, SyFy will now be airing the god awful Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Which you can probably tell I hold in low esteem.

Farscape and Battlestar Galactica were two of my all time favorite sci-fi series and both of them aired on SyFy. I’ve also enjoyed to most recent branch of the Stargate franchise “Stargate Universe” even though I didn’t really care for SG1 or Atlantis. How can the network which brought us BSG air the Sarah Connor Chronicles?

That may have been the absolute worst television adaptation of a movie franchise ever. If you know of a worse translation from film to TV, please comment  with the details so that I can prove you wrong.

There are of course those all those laughably bad SyFy original movies like “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”. Those kinds of movies are so campy that you can’t take them seriously. Somebody at FOX actually thought that the Sarah Connor Chronicles was a prime time contender.

SyFy has no shortage of original programming, even if some of that is repackaged BBC programming like “Being Human” and Dr. Who”. I’d much rather watch Sanctuary than suffer another moment of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Why SyFy, Why?

Suckerpunch is no knockout

Like a lot of other movie fans who enjoyed “Watchmen” and “300″, I had high expectation of Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”. I’m sorry to report that the film was somewhat of a letdown. Visually the film is stunning and the action sequences are amazing. Unfortunately the plot falls completely flat.

Baby Doll (Emily Browning) is committed to an insane asylum after she accidentally kills her younger sister. During her time in the institution she embarks on a quest in a violent fantasy world to find a means of escape. Baby along with four other girls Rocket, Sweet Pea, Blondie, and Amber; must locate five items to secure their freedom. [Read more…]

Science Channel to air Firefly. Shiny!

The Science Channel is going to be airing Joss Whedon’s epic but short lived science fiction series “Firefly

New episodes will air every Sunday @ 10pm ET only on Science Channel to be followed by um … the science of Firefly revealed by Michio Kaku. Ok I guess. I mean I love Dr. Kaku, but one of the most endearing things about Firefly is that it wasn’t mired in the trappings of its own technology. I’m not certain what science  they plan to reveal.

Not too long ago I purchased Firefly the complete series on DVD, because I’m cheap and I still don’t own a blu-ray player. That’s ok. At least I got to watch it commercial free.