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green lantern movie

“The Green Lantern” Not worth the price of admission.

Maybe my lack of interest in Green Lantern is not based on some kind of juvenile rivalry which once existed (mostly in the imaginations of readers) between Marvel and DC. Now that I think about it, Ryan Reynold’s doesn’t really strike me as a good fit for the Hal Jordan Green Lantern I knew from comics. Hal Jordon always seemed so dry and serious but I find Ryan to be irreverently humorous.

Binge Worthy Television

The Day We Died -Fringe season 3, episode 22

In the the season three finale, Peter has activated the ancient machine. we see now a vision of the world ravaged by temporal rifts fifteen years in the future. The alternate universe has been completely destroyed but our own universe is rapidly decaying. Massive vortexes have opened and Fringe Division struggles to seal them with amber. Peter is a fringe agent (no longer a consultant to the FBI).