“Neither Here Nor There” Fringe 4.01

Season 4, Episode 1: Neither Here Nor There. Fringe Division without Peter Bishop is really weird… like third alternate universe weird. You did watch the premier episode of Fringe season four, right? If you’re a fan of the show you know that Fringe needs your support.

Isn’t Agent Lee  from ‘over here’ just a little boy scout? I’m not exactly sure why Olivia and Lincoln don’t remember each other. Their mutual involvement in Season 3, Episode 17: Stowaway, wasn’t totally dependant on the existence of peter Bishop. The events of that case began to unfold without Peter’s direct involvement.  This is such a strange glitch that one of the observers actually commented on it.

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Avatar to become Disney attraction


Yes,I’ve heard the news. Avatar is going to become a thematic attraction at Disney parks. I’m not even going to bother with the details. I guess there’s still some money to ring out of the “Avatar Experience”.

Remember that clever observation someone made about Avatar essentially being the same goddam movie as Pocahontas? I like to think about that everytime some jackass starts talking about how wonderful it would be to connect with nature and live like the blue thundercats Na’vi. What’s that a contraction of anyway? What two words do you splice together to get “Na’vi”? Maybe its a how they say “Niave” on Pandora.

That’s usually the point in the conversation at which I remind them that; once upon a time, there were in fact people JUST LIKE THAT living in America. Then the Europeans came and hurded them all into concentration camps euphemistically labled as “reservations”. We turned them into alocholics and gamblers.

Yep. It would be real swell to re-connect with nature and live like the Na’vi. I wonder what part of the Disney park experience will recreate the destruction of the Na’vi “home tree”?

Fringe Friday! – Season four begins this week.

Fringe returns to Fox this week, season four begins Friday, September 23rd. Some very interesting plot lines have already been revealed in  the season four trailer.

Agent Lincoln Lee was the Leader of Fringe Division in the alternate universe (after the death of the alternate Col. Broyles), but in the canonical universe he was only introduced to fringe division in a single episode. It seems Lincoln Lee will be joining Fringe division in both universes.

When we left off at the end of season three Peter had used the ancient machine known by “the first people” as the vacuum to glimpse the future; at least a possible future where the war between the universes was allowed to continue.

in this future The alternate universe had been completely destroyed and this universe was soon to share the same fate. Devastating rifts in the fabric of the universe were opening faster than Fringe division could seal them with amber.

In his vision Peter learns that it was Walter who wrote the book about the first people and sent the pieces of the machine back in time to the prehistoric age through a vortex which was a rift not only in space, but also in time.

This revelation answers one of  season three’s mysteries: Why the ancient texts about the first people and the machine contained illustrations of Peter and Olivia.

Peter used the machine to bring the primary characters from both universes together in the hope that they would work together to restore balance to both universes. But in doing so, it appears that he has erased himself from history. The observers have gathered and comment that he never really existed.

Will the truce between the universes be maintained in season four?Where is Peter bishop?

Your first Hunger Games movie is almost ready.

The Hunger Games movie is moving another step closer to a theater near you. Lionsgate films announced recently that principal photography for the “Hunger Games” has wrapped.

The film is the first in a trilogy based on the Hunger Games series of books by author Suzanne Collins and stars Jennifer Lawrence In the lead role. The hunger Games cast also features some very noteworthy talent. Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz, and, Woody Harrelson all appear in important supporting roles.  You can probably expect the other two chapters, “Catching Fire” and “Mocking Jay” to follow in short order.

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