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“Trial and Error” Stargate Universe 2.06

On Stargate Universe “Trial and error”, Colonel Young has recurring dreams that the ancient starship Destiny is under attack from alien spacecraft. The aliens demand that Destiny surrender Chloe; who, after previously being captured by the aliens, is slowly changing. Chloe is having blackouts during which she is unknowingly collecting intelligence about the Destiny. Her skin is beginning to change and she feels she is becoming more like her alien captors.

In each dream Young tries a different tactic to save destiny and her crew from the alien attack. No matter the tactic offense, defense or surrender, the outcome of the confrontation is the destruction of the Destiny.

The highlight of the episode is the budding romance between Eli and Gin, a young woman who was a member of the failed Lucian alliance plot to seize the Destiny. Gin has taken a keen interest in some of Eli’s research and Colonel Young allows them to work together. Greer has been ordered to supervise Gin while she works with Eli but seeing the chemistry between them, Greer arranges to have himself called away; leaving the young couple alone for a few moments proves enough opportunity for a first kiss.

Caprica – SyFy network pulls plug

The Battlestar Galactica prequel series”caprica” has officially been canceled by SyFy networks. The series set in the capital city of the colonial planet Caprica follows the troubled path of two families (the Graystones and the Adamas) and the creation of the first cylons.

I’ll be honest with you, Caprica is boring. The series presents a lot of possibilities in the world of “Caprica before the fall”. Unfortunately, they fail to pursue the truly interesting leads and the rest become heavy, boring and cliche. The entire storyline of the Monotheist STO terror cells brings Caprica a little too close to the real word. I am not interested in exploring Religious fanaticism and terrorism in my Science Fiction. That, combined with subplots of organized crime and corporate malfeasance? No wonder nobody wants to watch this show. Its just like everyday life in America.

It is unknown weather this decision to cancel Caprica will effect other planned BSG related series that were in development. But I hope that more action oriented “Galactica: Blood and Chrome” will eventually air.

“Do Shapeshifters dream of electric sheep” Fringe 3.04

Fringe Season 3, Episode 4: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? US Senator Van Horn has secretly been replaced by a shape-shifter from the alternate universe. The the artificial senator’s true identity is revealed after a traffic collision. Fringe division must discover what intelligence the imposer had collected. if they succeed, the information could reveal Alternate Olivia Dunham’s true identity.

Walter moves his laboratory to Massive Dynamic, which he recently inherited from William bell. Walter attempts to use his new resources to retrieve data from the damaged shape shifter.

The Fringe team discover that artificial Senator Van Horn had collected intelligence on all  members of fringe division and their mission assignments. It was Van Horn who supplied the intel on the real Agent olivia Dunham  that allowed her alternate dimension counterpart to take her place.

Walter and Astrid work to locate a data storage device embedded in the shape shifter’s body.  Just as Walter realizes the false senator has “a brain in his ass” another shape shifter infiltrates the lab and steals the data.

It seems that some the shape shifting insurgents eventually settle in to their human lives. Several of them have formed attachments to the families of the humans they have secretly replaced.

Alternate Oliva seems to be developing feelings for Peter Bishop. She lures him to her apartment by sending him a text message indicating that they “need to talk”. When Peter arrives, Alternate Oliva confesses she didn’t want to talk at all. Kissing and nakedness ensue.

This has been the best season of Fringe to date. It’s a shame that its time for a short break. Fringe returns to FOX on November 4th 2010 and Olivia Dunham is coming home.

Iron Man 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray

I was kind of bored this afternoon so I took a ride to my local Best Buy to pick up a few DVD’s. Yeah I don’t even own a blu-ray player, How about that crap? Someone send me a new player to review.

Anyway, I picked up Iron Man 2 which I had not seen in theaters. I have to admit I was skeptical about Scarlett Johansson being cast as the black widow no matter how hot she looked in the suit. Yes, she does look hot in the suit but that’s not the same thing as being a good fit for the role.

I was blown away by the fight scenes at Hammer Industries. Now I am all for a Black Widow spin-off film and I heard some rumors that such a film was in the works. Read More

“Aftermath” Stargate Universe 2.02

SGU Season 2, Episode 2: “Aftermath”. In the most recent episode, “Aftermath”, it is revealed that Dr. Rush has secretly gained control over Desinty’s various systems and can now direct the ship to drop out of faster-than-light (ftl) travel at will. Realizing that essential supplies are running dangerously low on board the vessel Rush directs destiny to a planet with a non-functional stargate in search of replenishment. Without the benefit of a stargate the crew must take a shuttle to the surface of the planet. After a turbulent entry into the planet’s atmosphere the shuttle crash lands on the surface of the planet.

Meanwhile tensions rise on board destiny concerning the fate of the remaining Lucian alliance prisoners. Some of the captives clearly pose no threat to the crew of the Destiny and it is unclear what should be done with them as they are consuming valuable resources during their continued captivity. Colonel Young is of a mind to put them off ship on the first viable planet. However, others feel that at least some of the Lucian alliance personnel posses valuable skills and should be kept on board.

“Intervention” Stargate Universe 2.01

SGU Season 2, Episode 1: “Intervention”. While the new episode was quite good and did resolve a lot of issues, it did so through brute force. How can Commander Kiva die? She’s Rhona Mitra. Did you hear me? RHONA MITRA!!! Could you not afford her paycheck or something? She would have kicked copious amounts of ass if somehow integrated into the show.

Most of the crew of Destiny has been put off ship on a hard and desolate world. But a few remain hidden aboard and formulate a plan to re-take the ship utilizing the radiation from the nearby pulsar to force the Lucian Alliance forced to lay down their arms and return control of the ship.

TJ isn’t pregnant anymore and no, there will not be a baby aboard the Destiny. During Her gunshot wound induced coma, the powers that be took TJ back to a habitable planet where some of the civilians chose to remain. Her baby was allowed to remain there in relative safety but she was taken back to the Destiny. That is incredibly ass, even for alien powers that be. It’s incredibly ass as a plot resolution to separate a mother from her baby and say “she made her choice to leave the planet”.

Anyway, ever since BSG ended SGU has become one of the better science fiction series on television. Keep watching it looks like this season will be good.

“The Box” Fringe 3.02

Fringe Season 3, Episode 2 is titled “The Box”. Three men hold a family hostage while excavating their basement in search of mysterious a box. The box emits ultra high frequency sound waves which cause immediate damage tot he inner ear and ultimately lead brain damage and death. Only a deaf criminal is immune to the effects of the box. The deaf criminal attempts to return the box to alternate Agent Dunham. Unfortunately She kills him to cover the insurgent universe conspiracy.

Peter unexpectedly arrives at Olivia’s apartment after Walter apologizes to him for his childhood abduction from the alternate universe. Alternate Olivia uses sex to distract peter from the pool of blood seeping from the room where she has hidden the dead body of the deaf man.

The box is activated in a subway, killing many innocent travelers. Alternate Olivia deafens Peter with her handgun, firing once to each side of his head, to make him temporarily immune to the effects of the box. Peter recovers the box from the subway but is nearly crushed by a subway train. Alternate Olivia rescues him, pulling him from the path of the train at the last second.

Walter confides to Astrid that William Bell bequeathed to him all of Massive Dynamic.

What do you mean you haven’t been keeping up with Fringe? What is wrong with you? Ok now don’t miss the next Episode. I may not feel like doing a recap.

Its Enrico Fermi’s birthday

Enrico Fermi was a brilliant Italian America physicist. Fermi’s  fission reactor work was included in the Manhattan project, on which he served as a consultant.

He was awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1938 for his “demonstrations of the existence of new radioactive elements produced by neutron irradiation”, and for his related discovery of nuclear reactions brought about by slow neutrons.

Fermi Worked at Columbia University, served for a short time on the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission, and In his later years, Fermi did important work in particle physics.

You might ask why Professor Fermi is relevant to this blog. The short answer is particle shock acceleration or diffused shock acceleration are terms which often refer to Fermi Acceleration, which describes “the acceleration that charged particles undergo when reflected by a magnetic mirror”. This is thought to be the primary mechanism by which particles gain energy beyond the thermal energy in astrophysical shock waves.

So, is in its own way, a nod to professor Fermi.