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“10 Cloverfield Lane”


10 Cloverfield isn’t so much a sequel as it is a “set in the same universe” follow-up to the original. Honestly this feels like an entirely unrelated film that didn’t really have an ending so they just added some aliens and tacked the word cloverfield to the title. The trailers for this movie didn’t inspire me to run the the theater so …better late than never? maybe?

Weekend Rewind: “Riddick” reconnects with its “Pitch Black” roots


Riddick begins shortly after the events of ‘Chronicles’ and finds the titular Riddick unsatisfied with new his role as Lord-Marshall of the Necromongers; searching for his long forgotten home-world, Furya. Ultimately betrayed and left for dead by his necromonger crew, Riddick is stranded on his latest prison: a hostile world with a brutally harsh environment and dangerous wildlife.