Some legal(ish) information about the data collected by this website; because some people need that sort of thing.

This website is powered by WordPress and, just like every other WordPress website, a number of cookies are set by WordPress itself and related plugins. For example, I use the Jetpack plugin which supplies aggregate website statistics:
That clearly means you’re being tracked in some manor.

I don’t control the data collected by these third parties. Both WordPress and Jetpack are Automattic projects and you can probably get some idea from their own privacy policy what kind of information they collect and what they do with it.

You  can choose to accept, reject, or delete cookies in your web browser’s privacy settings.  Personally, I recommend Mozilla Firefox. Additionally there are some extensions such as NoScript that can greatly enhance your privacy.

I will not sell or share any information you submit directly through this website. However … your connection to this website is NOT encrypted and may be visible by third parties like your spouse or the NSA.
If you choose to supply any personally identifiable information in a comment or contact form; you do so at your own peril.