What is Particleshock?

Particleshock.com is a personal website and blog where I review and discuss science-fiction media. Books, movies, and television predict endless visions of the future ranging from wondrous anticipation; to woeful foreboding, of life in an uncertain tomorrow… found somewhere between science and fiction.

The title “Particleshock” was inspired by my admiration for the Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi. In high energy astrophysics “Second order Fermi Acceleration” relates to the amount of energy gained during the motion of a charged particle in the presence of randomly moving “magnetic mirrors”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Who is Carlos Correz?

I am old school graphic designer trying desperately to apply pen and ink sensibilities to a pixel based profession. This backwards creative process often requires large quantities of very strong coffee. I’m also a lifelong fan of science fiction. I’ve been fascinated with rockets, robots, and ray-guns for as long as I can remember.

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