Terra Nova just might be the new Lost.


The new FOX series Terra Nova just might be the new Lost. In fact, I’m calling now; Terra Nova is the new Lost. Before you get your Oceanic Air panties in a bunch, consider this:

A group of people suddenly find themselves in what appears to be a tropical paradise. The new inhabitants quickly learn that nothing is as it seems as they discover a jungle of dangerous, sometimes even monstrous creatures.  As  mysteries begin to surface about the very nature of the world around them, Those who would survive in this strange new environment must also confront hostile members of another encampment. Though many people arrived there by chance, some must confront their own past in order to make a the right choice for the future.

So yeah… that’s Lost. Do I need to spell it out for you? The survivors arrived by plane crash accompanied by convenient group of supporting characters who just happened to be on the wrong plane at the wrong time.

The island had no shortage of dangerous creatures like polar bears in the tropics and the black smoke monster. In Terra Nova there just happen to be dinosaurs.

I hope you didn’t forget about  ‘the others’ and the Dharma Initiative. Terra Nova sure didn’t. There’s a group of renegade pilgrims who splintered from the primary settlement. They have an agenda and somebody sent them.

What about Strange symbols? Check. Episode one and we already have mysterious writing which looks like complex mathematical equations.

Sawyer, kate, Jack, and Locke all had to come to terms with the lives which led them to the island. You want and personal conflict and inner turmoil with your dinosaurs? Well, Terra Nova begins with a man on the run – Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) imprisoned for breaking strict  population control laws and assaulting police officers.  With help of his wife he makes his escape and finds himself  in Terra Nova trying to mend a fractured family and suddenly gun to gun with a dangerous group of former pilgrims known as “sixers”.

So does all this mean that Terra Nova is unoriginal? Not at all. This is easily one of the best new shows of the year. I think someone at FOX  recognized what fans loved about Lost. Something NBC failed to re-create with last season’s ‘The Event’.

Kudos to FOX. Terra Nova is right up there with Fringe as a weekly must-watch.


Magneto to be Robocop? Michael Fassbender top choice for Robo-reboot?


X-men First class actor Michael Fassbender (Magneto) could be the next Robocop. Lame joke: I always thought it was a bad idea to keep magnets close to computer components.

This news from Dark Horizons, which in turn cites Bleeding Cool; Michael Fassbender is  apparently director José Padilha’s top choice for the lead role in a Robocop reboot. Follow the links, there’s a video interview and a full transcript available.

Fassbender seems like an agreeable choice for the next full body prosthesis police officer especially considering some of the other names that were tossed around.  Dark Horizons also mentions some of the other names have come up in discussions about the new RoboCop project. The list includes Tom Cuise, Keuaneu Reeves, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp. Wow, thank goodness for Fassbender. Only Chris Pine was a real possibility. Come on, Tom Cruise as Robocop?

Fassbender will also appear in Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Prometheus” along with Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, and other notable cast members.

SyFy to demote Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome series of webisodes.


Well despite high hopes over the past few years that SyFy would eventually produce another high quality BSG series, it looks as if their latest effort “Blood and Chrome” will be reduced to a web only series.

Blood and Chrome was to be set during the time of the first colonial/cylon war and feature a younger William Adama, long before he was commander of the Galactica and was himself a viper pilot. This  means that fan favorite actors and characters would necessarily be absent from the new series.

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“Neither Here Nor There” Fringe 4.01


Season 4, Episode 1: Neither Here Nor There. Fringe Division without Peter Bishop is really weird… like third alternate universe weird. You did watch the premier episode of Fringe season four, right? If you’re a fan of the show you know that Fringe needs your support.

Isn’t Agent Lee  from ‘over here’ just a little boy scout? I’m not exactly sure why Olivia and Lincoln don’t remember each other. Their mutual involvement in Season 3, Episode 17: Stowaway, wasn’t totally dependant on the existence of peter Bishop. The events of that case began to unfold without Peter’s direct involvement.  This is such a strange glitch that one of the observers actually commented on it.

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Avatar to become Disney attraction


Yes,I’ve heard the news. Avatar is going to become a thematic attraction at Disney parks. I’m not even going to bother with the details. I guess there’s still some money to ring out of the “Avatar Experience”.

Remember that clever observation someone made about Avatar essentially being the same goddam movie as Pocahontas? I like to think about that everytime some jackass starts talking about how wonderful it would be to connect with nature and live like the blue thundercats Na’vi. What’s that a contraction of anyway? What two words do you splice together to get “Na’vi”? Maybe its a how they say “Niave” on Pandora.

That’s usually the point in the conversation at which I remind them that; once upon a time, there were in fact people JUST LIKE THAT living in America. Then the Europeans came and hurded them all into concentration camps euphemistically labled as “reservations”. We turned them into alocholics and gamblers.

Yep. It would be real swell to re-connect with nature and live like the Na’vi. I wonder what part of the Disney park experience will recreate the destruction of the Na’vi “home tree”?

Fringe Friday! – Season four begins this week.


Fringe returns to Fox this week, season four begins Friday, September 23rd. Some very interesting plot lines have already been revealed in  the season four trailer.

Agent Lincoln Lee was the Leader of Fringe Division in the alternate universe (after the death of the alternate Col. Broyles), but in the canonical universe he was only introduced to fringe division in a single episode. It seems Lincoln Lee will be joining Fringe division in both universes.

When we left off at the end of season three Peter had used the ancient machine known by “the first people” as the vacuum to glimpse the future; at least a possible future where the war between the universes was allowed to continue.

in this future The alternate universe had been completely destroyed and this universe was soon to share the same fate. Devastating rifts in the fabric of the universe were opening faster than Fringe division could seal them with amber.

In his vision Peter learns that it was Walter who wrote the book about the first people and sent the pieces of the machine back in time to the prehistoric age through a vortex which was a rift not only in space, but also in time.

This revelation answers one of  season three’s mysteries: Why the ancient texts about the first people and the machine contained illustrations of Peter and Olivia.

Peter used the machine to bring the primary characters from both universes together in the hope that they would work together to restore balance to both universes. But in doing so, it appears that he has erased himself from history. The observers have gathered and comment that he never really existed.

Will the truce between the universes be maintained in season four?Where is Peter bishop?

Your first Hunger Games movie is almost ready.


The Hunger Games movie is moving another step closer to a theater near you. Lionsgate films announced recently that principal photography for the “Hunger Games” has wrapped.

The film is the first in a trilogy based on the Hunger Games series of books by author Suzanne Collins and stars Jennifer Lawrence In the lead role. The hunger Games cast also features some very noteworthy talent. Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz, and, Woody Harrelson all appear in important supporting roles.  You can probably expect the other two chapters, “Catching Fire” and “Mocking Jay” to follow in short order.

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JJ Abrams finally commits to Star Trek Sequel


JJ Abrams has finally committed to directing the sequel to his 2009 Star Trek reboot. While I am surprised that it took this long I’m kind of glad that there was a pause between films.

So why did it take him so long to sign on? According to an article over at Dark Horizons which in turn cites  an article posted by Vulture  it may be that Abrams was waiting on Alex Kurtzman who co-wrote Abrams first Trek.

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Troll Hunter – monstrous Norwegian mocumentary.


Troll Hunter is a mocumentary (mock documentary) about a group of student film makers from a college in Norway who are following a story about licensed bear hunters and their outrage over an alleged poacher who has been observed at the scene of several bear shootings.

The students pursue the grizzled old hunter until he relents and agrees to allow then to film his hunt. They learn soon enough that he’s not a poacher. Much to their amazement what he is hunting crosses the boundary between fairy tales and accepted science.

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