Terra Nova season finale: Occupation and Resistance

What did you think of the Terra Nova finale? Sorry for the delay on this post but with the holidays and all I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not surprised they left a hook for possible time travel. But it might have been better if they had not. One of my ongoing complains about the series has been that the creative staff seems to ignore the prehistoric world around the colony. I’ve … [Read more...]

Fright Night remake available on Blu-Ray

“Jerry… that’s a horrible vampire name.” I purposely skipped seeing the new “Fright Night” in theaters. I’m generally not a fan of franchise reboot movies. Occasionally it is nice to see a familiar subject re-imagined with current cinematic technology. Unfortunately the new films fail to live up to expectations all too often. The new Nightmare on Elm Street was an example of … [Read more...]

Weekend Rewind: Soldier starring Kurt Russell

Speaking of Kurt Russell (and I did back when I was talking about "The Thing")  here's a movie you should check out the next time you're bored (or up late at night racked with guilt over that Thai hooker).  As I write this,  the holidays are nearly upon us so a few vacation days and Thai hookers are probably both in your future. See? Soldier is a 1998 action flick about um… a … [Read more...]

Terra Nova finally gets to the point, still not a replacement for LOST.

Terra Nova Season 1, Episode 8: Vs. As Taylor searches for the "Sixer" mole within Terra Nova, Jim stumbles onto an old murder, for which Taylor is the prime suspect. IMDB It took long enough but the FOX series “Terra Nova” finally succeeded in breaking a plot arc. The mystery of “the equations” has been brewing from the very beginning of the series. Almost immediately viewers … [Read more...]

EW publishes revealing new Prometheus photos.

EW magazine has  a revealing look at Ridley Scott's “Prometheus” which may or may not be a prequel to 1979's “Alien”. I watch stuff and Dark Horizons both have more of the photos posted. Ridley has said numerous times that the “Alien DNA” will become obvious by the end of the film, thus making a connection to the legendary film which redefined science fiction. If you kook … [Read more...]