Fringe Returns (again)

Fringe returns April first with a a special episode that explores the back story of Walter and Peter Bishop and the alternate universe. If you recall from recent episodes, Olivia regained an innate ability to identify objects in our world which have come from “the other side”. Because she was a subject in experiments with […]

True Blood returns to HBO for third season

With the recent or impending demise of some of my favorite television programs (Lost, BSG, Nip/Tuck); its re-assuring to know that one series I enjoy will be returning this summer. HBO recently made the official announcement that True Blood will be returning for a third season beginning June 13 2010. Fans will be waiting  eagerly […]

Time Traveler’s wife – a good adaptation even if condensed

“The Time Traveler’s Wife”, the movie based on the much loved novel by Audrey Niffenegger, is now available on DVD. I can’t believe I forgot to post an entry about seeing this film in theaters. The Time Travelers Wife stars Eric Bana as the chronologically displaced  Henry Detamble and  Rachel McAdams as His wife Claire. […]