SciFi to string fans along

SciFi network (who’s parent company NBC-Universal also owns the NBC network) has a bad habit of injecting unreasonable mid season breaks into its flagship series, Battlestar Galactica.

After the mid season finale (what the hell is a ‘mid-season finale’ ?)  the series will be absent until at least the first quarter of 2009. The void has a lot of fans jonesing for the much hyped conclusion to the series.

The trend of the mid season break has affected many popular shows including ABC’s ‘LOST’. Fans of both shows (such as myself) have become increasingly frustrated with delays and interruptions to our favorite programs. However, LOST was able to complete its truncated season with only a two week break despite the WGA Writers strike.

SciFi Network Executives and BSG producers are now talking about the possibiliy of several TV/DVD Battlestar galactica movies similar to ‘Razor’ which aired just before the premier of season four. Additionally Producers have hinted that the conclusion of season four could be expanded witht eh season finale clocking in at three hours. have no doubt SciFi will break that into at least two parts.

All of that sounds really great for fans of BSG but consider that RAZOR pushed back the fourth season of BSG by almost a quarter. If Sci Fi continues to manage the series the way they have with three month or longer breaks in the season then, three TV/DVD films could effectively push the final three episodes of BSG into the early 2011 TV season. If you think that sounds unreasonable, then please rmember before RAZOR was confirmed, SciFi Network teasers indicated that season four was to air in the fall of 2007. Essentially all fans got was two hours of recap and bonus material.

Battlestar Galactica final season expands

The Chicago Tribune Reports that the final portion of Battlestar Galactica will likely air in the first quarter of 2009 and that the final episode will be expanded to three hours. Additionally, it seems that at least one more Battlestar Galactica movie (similar to BSG: RAZOR) will be produced. It is unfortunate that such an acclaimed series has been plagued with these annoying mid-season breaks.

As “Battlestar Galactica” gets ready to air its mid-season finale on Friday, there are two bits of good news to share regarding the show.
According to well-informed sources, it’s almost certain that at least one “Battlestar Galactica” TV movie will be made this year.
Here’s even better news: The last-ever episode of “Battlestar” will run three hours, which means that final part of Season 4 will be 11 hours long.
You heard that right: The last leg of the show’s final season will expand to 11 hours, instead of the originally planned 10 hours.

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